Real Estate – How to Leverage your Instagram and Grow your Business?

The real estate market is an over-saturated market, there’s no denying that, and as a result, it is intensely competitive. This is why, if you have a real estate company, you would need to leverage your online presence to get more customers.

While the old methods of offering large discounts and offers do still work for the old mom-and-pop stores, the fact remains that in this digital age, most of the large sales are made through online leads.

And Instagram hogs as one of the top social media platforms that you can utilize to market your real estate company effectively. Here’s why it pays to use Instagram to market your real estate company.

While looking for a house or commercial property, 88% of the audience do research online as compared to 79% of them opting for a real estate agent.”

Instagram Engagement:

You can set up a business profile, buy Instagram followers and start to increase your engagement with your customer base. If you are new to Instagram, then, you definitely need to buy Instagram followers and leverage the same to reach out to others and grow your customer base.

And when someone comments on one of your posts, you may want to take the time out to respond to each query as long as they are relevant and not spam. It pays big to engage head-on with viable leads since they may well be your future prospective customers and engaging with them should provide you with a good idea of what they may like and what they may not.

Instagram Branding :

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There are a number of strategies you can use on Instagram to get more Instagram followers but one of the effective ways is to post a popular post with tag three or four of your friends who would love this. This should result in the post getting shared among various users and resulting in a larger audience.

Since you are looking to rebrand yourself, and your real estate company, the one thing that you can do is to make sure that you often post and engage directly with all your prospective leads.

This should result in getting more Instagram followers within a short space of time.

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